Password Cracking Workshop

The Kentuckiana ISSA Chapter is hosting its 3rd annual information security workshop. This event is available for a donation to a great cause. The class will benefit Johnny Long and his family in their mission to support Hackers for Charity full-time in Uganda, Africa. Hackers for Charity is a non-profit organization that leverages the skills of technologists to solve technology challenges for various non-profits and provide food, equipment, job training and computer education to the world’s poorest citizens.


Password Hash Usage
Capturing Passwords with Cain, Metasploit and other tools
Cracking Password Hashes with John the Ripper and Hashcat
Other Topics


Saturday May 16th, 2015
9:00 – 4:00 PM


Energy Technology Building
Sullivan College of Technology and Design
3903 Atkinson Square Drive
Louisville, KY 40218


The cost of the event is a $40.00 or greater donation made directly to the Long family in support of their “Long Journey” to Africa.

In order to register for the event reserve a seat for the workshop then follow the instructions below to make your donation.

Step 1, Register for the workshop:

Registration Link:

Step 2, follow instructions below to make your donation:

  1. Please browse to Hackers For Charity
  2. Locate the “Donate” button under the label “Make a one-time donation directly to the Long family
    1. The button overlays a picture of giraffes on the savanna
    2. The button is located left of center, slightly down from the top of the page
  3. Click this “Donate” which will redirect to the “Hackers for Charity” PayPal page
  4. The PayPal page will show “Long Journey One-Time Donation” under the heading of “Purpose
  5. In the donation amount box donate $40.00 (or more) directly to the Long Family
  6. PayPal will issue a receipt for the donation. The PayPal receipt is the ticket to the event
  7. Please bring the PayPal receipt to the event and present as your ticket
  8. Note that donations to the Long Family may be tax deductible. (Standard disclaimer (of course)): Note carefully the event and the ISSA are not offering tax advice. Please consult a qualified tax expert for advice. Please see helpful tax deduction information located at


Registration will be open until May 10th, 2015 at midnight.

A maximum of 50 attendees will be allowed. Register now to secure your spot at this amazing training opportunity!


Coffee and water will be available

Complementary pizza and drinks will be provided for lunch


Martin “Pure Hate” Bos (@purehate_) works as a penetration tester for Accuvant Inc., is globally recognized leader in password analysis and is a core developer of Backtrack- and Kali-Linux. Additionally he is a co-Founder of, a website dedicated to answering technical questions daily with the largest online WPA Cracking service on the web, and one of the founders of DerbyCon, a hacker con located in Louisville, Kentucky. He resides in Louisville, KY with his wife, Kim and their daughter.

Adrian “Irongeek” Crenshaw (@irongeek_adc) has worked in the IT industry for the last seventeen years. He runs the information security website, which specializes in videos and articles that illustrate how to use various pen-testing and security tools. He holds a Master of Science in Security Informatics and carries out penetration tests for TrustedSec as a Senior Security Consultant. Also Adrian is a co-founder of Derbycon.

Jeremy Druin (@webpwnized) works as an application, web, mobile and network security pen-tester for a multi-national transportation logistics company and is the owner of Ellipsis Information Security. Additionally Jeremy is the developer of the open-source OWASP Mutillidae II training system and acts as the Alternate Director of Education for Kentuckiana ISSA chapter while authoring the Webpwnized YouTube Channel. Jeremy holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from Indiana University and is a GIAC-certified Advanced Network, Web Application and Mobile Pen-Tester.

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