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  1. Brandon Baker


    I’ve got 3 interns at LG&E who are UofL students in Computer Science, and they have expressed an interest in Attending the August 7th meeting.

    Can I bring them in with me?

    Brandon Baker

  2. Brian Clenney

    I’ve already signed up for tomorrow’s meeting, but my new CISO and another colleague that are not yet members would also like to come. Is that ok? They are planning to join soon.

    Brian Clenney

    1. Jeff Vaught Post author

      Hello Brian,
      That will be fine. Bring them along as your guests. For future reference, you can bring guests with you, but request that you register them (as your guests) via the regonline link. When you register yourself, there is a dropdown to add guests. This just helps us know how many people to expect, and how much food to order. Registration is closed for this meeting, so no need to worry for tomorrow.

      See you tomorrow!
      Jeff Vaught


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