Meetings and Speakers

Schedule of Speakers: Below is the agenda/schedule of speakers and their topics for 2016.  Entries will be updated as we confirm speakers, so please check back for updates!

May 13
  1. The topic for this meeting is “The Song Remains the Same: A Decade of Unchanged Attack Vectors.”
  2. Speaker: Greg Johnson, A-Lign
  3. Bio: Greg is the VP of Business Development at A-LIGN. He has served on multiple executive teams in sales and business development roles with technology and cybersecurity companies such as WordPerfect/Novell, Security Metrics, Global Access and Lancera Security.
April 1
  1. Jeremy Druin will present on “Mutillidae”.
    Jeremy’s website:
    Twitter: @webpwnized
    YouTube Channel:
March 4
  1. The topic for this meeting is “How threats have grown over the years and what to expect in the near future.”
February 5
  1. Christopher Davis will present on “Web Defacement and Spear Phishing”.
January 8
  1. Jeremy Druin will present on “Recon-ng”.
    Jeremy’s website:
    Twitter: @webpwnized
    YouTube Channel:

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4 thoughts on “Meetings and Speakers

  1. Gary Johnson

    How can Hytrust get engaged with your ISSA Chapter and present at one of your events ? We are an Intel, VMWare and Cisco investment company, focused on securing the cloud, private, public and hybrid.

    Gary Johnson
    (248) 705-7530

  2. Kaitlyn Fraser

    Hi There,

    I am reaching out to inquire about meeting at one of your meetings. I’d love to have one of our security engineers take a deep dive into endpoint security – show a live attack with Bit9 & Carbon Black – and answer any questions that your members may have.

    If anyone is free to discuss this week, please feel free to give me a call directly – 617-393-7706.

    Thank you!


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