Threat Defense Challenge

KY ISSA is proud to announce an awesome workshop brought to you by our partners at TREND Micro!


One-day real world cyber-attack simulator, where attendees play the role of a new information security employee in our simulated company. They must take risks and solve different challenges to understand how the attack begins, its complexity and how to proactively protect their valued assets in the datacenter with the guidance of Trend Micro experts.

The workshop has three phases that are based on Deep Security use cases:

  • FORENSIC: to find out what happened – to discover/obtain intelligence
  • DEFENSE: to define the protection strategy
  • PROACTIVE: to set the security needed to avoid being compromised again


  • Agenda: 

                    8:30 – Breakfast/Registration

                    9:00 – Welcome/Overview of the Day

                    9:15 – Theoretical Overview of Deep Security and Use Cases

                    10:15 – Threat Defense Challenge Overview/Gameboard Overview

                    10:30 – Challenge Begins!

                    12:00 – Lunch

                    4:00 – End of Challenge

                    4:15 – Team Recognition/Awards

                    4:30 – Happy hour!

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